From iFinger Software

The iFinger Search Engine is the heart and brain of the iFinger body. The search engine allows users to search through vast amounts of data from dictionaries and reference books in a fraction of a second.

The dictionary data is taken from the world’s leading publishers, but the iFinger Search Engine is the key to this information. The search engine is user friendly, efficient, flexible and can be used with all major Windows applications, such as Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

With the iFinger Search Engine you will also get:

  • Search in inflected words
  • Simultaneous lookups in multiple dictionaries
  • Wikipedia-shortcut
  • Alpha-search
  • Spell check
  • Customizable user interface
  • Replace words in text documents

You only need one engine to run all iFinger dictionaries

To be able to run iFingers dictionaries on your computer, you will need iFinger Search Engine installed. Therefore, the first time you purchase dictionaries from our web shop, you will have to purchase the search engine as well.

When the search engine is downloaded and installed, you can purchase as many dictionaries as you like, without purchasing the search engine. You choose if the search engine is to be added in your order when you proceed to checkout.